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Wanna trade in your unwanted cards for CASH/CREDIT*?

Got a bunch of cards you don't want or need to get rid of?
We have good news for you. ACS Gaming will buy those cards.

Buy Rates*:

Singles: 50% STORE CREDIT, 40% CASH

Bulk: see below!

Pokémon TCG Bulk (Credit Only)

Common / Uncommon - $0.003 ($3.00 per thousand)

Rare - $0.01

Reverse Holo Common / Uncommon - $0.005

Reverse Holo Rare - $0.02

Holo Rare - $0.01

Bulk Promo - $0.01

Bulk Ultra Rare - $0.50


Bulk Reverse/Foil Energy- $0.03

More Rates to be added soon

Pokémon Cards

*Rates are subject to change. Please check site often or call 754-779-7600 for most recent rates.