Store Rules

Store Rules of ACS Gaming (Updated 12/6/2021)

Here are our rules for the store including in-house play and purchases. 


General Store Rules-

1. No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service: We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, at any given time, for any reason we deem necessary. Use of equipment and allowance to enter the store is at the sole discretion of our staff. Past incidents, even at other venues, may influence our decision.

2. Fairness and Equality: Our store is for everyone to enjoy. Our goal is to maintain an environment that promotes good community and interactions within it. Be good to each other, be fair, and be understanding. Anyone who is disruptive and or causing issues may be asked to leave the store.

3. Returns: All sealed product that is still NIB (New in Box) are eligible for return as long as a receipt is present. TCG Singles (Individual Cards) can only be returned in the same new condition. There are no implied warranties and/or returns on any other items sold in the store. Refunds are given in the form of the payment used when a replacement is not able to be provided. Products purchased new and then opened are not eligible for a return.

4. Child Supervision: Kids under 16 are not permitted in the store without ACTIVE parental supervision. This means that your child MUST be with an adult at all times. Children are not allowed to roam the store while their parent/guardian wanders the store separately.

5. Theft: Sealing is a game that that player 1 will ALWAYS lose. Theft, no matter how petty, will not be tolerated. ACS Gaming and its staff RESERVE THE RIGHT to PROSECUTE any instance of theft. This policy applies to everything from a $1 candy bar to a $150 Ultra Premium Collection.

Please be mindful of your personal property as we are not responsible for personal belongings lost/stolen/etc while in the store.

6. Cursing/Profanity and Discrimination: Foul offensive language and discrimination and/or discriminatory language of any type will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Offenders who engage in any of these types of behavior may/ will be removed from the store. More serve and repetitive cases will result in a BAN/TRESPASS (no longer welcomed to shop ACS Gaming and attend ACS Gaming-related events). 


GameRoom Rules

8. Use of Gaming Stations:

Card Game Tables- All tables shall be clean and free from debris and rubbish. Once you leave your table (regardless if it's tournament or freeplay), please clean up and leave it the way you found it.

Any damage done to any tables or ACS-Gaming property will result in the inability to play in any ACS-Gaming related tournaments and or removal from the store. You break it, You buy it. 

Video Gaming Stations- All gaming stations and setups shall be clean and free from debris and rubbish. Once you leave your station (regardless if it's tournament or freeplay), please clean up and leave it the way you found it.

Any damage done to ACS Gaming-provided equipment will result in the inability to use video game stations and or removal from the store. If you decide to hookup your console to our video gaming station, you assume all responsibilities of the station and your console while in use. You break it, You buy it. 

9. Food and Drinks in the Game Room: all outside food and drink (without a secure cap/lid) must be consumed in the designated eating area. Only store-bought snacks are allowed to be consumed at the gaming stations. Drinks without a secured lid are not allowed at the gaming stations.

10. Hygiene: All players, staff, spectators and patrons are required to have good hygiene practices that must be exhibited in order to play at our store. Anyone with a disruptive odor will be asked to freshened up or leave. 

11. Cheating: Cheating under any circumstances is not acceptable. Anyone caught cheating will be removed from tournament and or free-play and will not be subject to any refund of entry fees.

12. Play Space: Respect the store’s play space and other common use areas including the bathroom and clean up after yourself. Do not lean back in chairs, as this weakens the welds and may cause failure. We provide cleaning supplies and trash cans are plentiful. Please notify a store associate if any part of the store is unclean or does not have the appropriate supplies needed (full trash cans, toilet paper, soap, etc.)